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About Me

I have worked as a freelance graphic and web designer since college. I have designed and built online ad campaigns, websites, logos, videos, and print material for in-house brands and clients. Growing up my father always had graphics software on our home computer and from the age of eight I was in love. I began editing and fixing old family photos for my mother’s genealogy projects. The spark was lit, and my love of graphics only continued to grow as an adult. I quickly learned I would be a better designer if I learned to develop and produce the work as well, and this lead me to coding/web development and video production.

Design used well, can make a big impact on how your customers and potential customers view your business; from the user experience on your website to the branding of your company, design can help you bring new customers to your company. I love to make this connection with the end user, so they will return to your company again and again.

My Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe DreamWeaver

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Xd

CSS / SCSS / Sass & HTML




Visual Studio Code


Online Ads

Website Design/Development

That Station

Kids Educational Centers

Asheville Area Arts Council


Flower Power Landscaping

This new company was looking for a brand that would reflect the creative nature of their work. They can improve your curb appeal or create you a garden maze. The only limit is your imagination.

3D Renderings

Font Resize