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I have worked as a freelance graphic and web designer since college. I have designed and built online ad campaigns, websites, logos, videos, and print material for in-house brands and clients. Growing up my father always had graphics software on our home computer and from the age of eight I was in love. I began editing and fixing old family photos for my mother’s genealogy projects. The spark was lit, and my love of graphics only continued to grow as an adult. I quickly learned I would be a better designer if I learned to develop and produce the work as well, and this lead me to coding/web development and video production.

Design used well, can make a big impact on how your customers and potential customers view your business; from the user experience on your website to the branding of your company, design can help you bring new customers to your company. I love to make this connection with the end user, so they will return to your company again and again.

My Skills

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Online Ads

Website Design/Development

That Stations Website

That Station

Kids Educational Center Website

Kids Educational Centers

Asheville Arts Website

Asheville Area Arts Council


Flower Power Landscaping

This new company was looking for a brand that would reflect the creative nature of their work. They can improve your curb appeal or create you a garden maze. The only limit is your imagination.

Video Production

3D Renderings